About Us

Exciting, expressive and intriguing, DISCANTVS is a unique ensemble dedicated to the performance of music from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. The core ensemble is composed of a three-part renaissance flute consort with a lute and a singer. The warm, clear timbre of the flutes, combined with the musicians’ expertise, makes renaissance music come to life for today’s audiences. DISCANTVS’ repertoire spans a variety of styles and textures; from delicate, filigree-like polyphony to lively and touching popular chansons.


This is the place to watch because it is where we put all of those little tidbits from concerts and project rehearsals. We try to record all of our concerts because it is always nice to come back and listen to them again. For the moment, the media is a little scanty, but we do promise to sift through our archives and round it out a bit. At the moment we have some photos and some audio files. Maybe one day we will have video too!









DISCANTVS has a variety of programmes and always enjoy coming up with new and innovative programme ideas. In fact, we often have the problem of too much beautiful music to play – after all, who wants a concert to last past midnight? Including Rabelais, the Cancionero del Palacio, Parisian 16th century chansons and the music of Henry the VIII, our concert programmes are thematic and engaging.  The variety of emotions in renaissance music is unparalleled, with the ribald and satirical brushing elbows with the most tender and mournful chansons.